This is the recommended approach for routine protein identification!  It includes in-gel protein digestion, peptide extraction, nanoLC-MS/MS analysis of the digest and a database search using Mascot. Additional bioinformatics analysis will be charged at $50/hr. The service is a powerful technique for protein identification down to approximately 1 fmol of protein, well below the detection limit of most gel stains.  The thickness of the gel should be 1.0 mm or less. The gel band length (running dimension) should be 6 mm or less.

Price: $250 per sample

For an economical offering of this service, select “MS-Pass”.


In-Gel Sample Pass

A convenient and economical means of accessing In-Gel LC-MS/MS services.  The pass is for 20 samples, valid for 6 months, and is transferable to other lab members.  The price per sample is $175, a 30% discount!  All 20 samples do not have to be submitted at once.  Every lab should have a pass!

Price: $3500 per pass

In-Solution LC-MS/MS

In-solution digestion is performed instead of an in-gel digestion. Our process involves additional clean-up procedures as samples usually contain contaminants that negatively influence LC-MS/MS analysis. and usually more enzyme to achieve a good result.  We prepurify the digest, then determine the quality of work-up.  Only then the sample is ready for nanoLC-MS/MS!

This service can include the FASP protocol for complex sample types, or on-bead digestions for affinity-pulldown experiments.  Consult with lab staff for advice on effective sample preparation.

Price: $300 per sample

In solution Sample Pass

A convenient and economical means of accessing In-Solution LC-MS/MS services.   The pass is for 20 samples, is valid for 6 months, and is transferable to other lab members.  The price per sample is $210, compared to $300 per sample if individual sample are submitted.  All 20 samples do not have to be submitted at once.

Price: $4200 per pass

Protein Quantitation - SILAC

Achieve protein quantitation for hundreds to thousands of proteins in your complex samples using SILAC labeling technology!  Use this option for projects that are amenable to metabolic labeling. We provide advice on labeling, assistance in optimizing sample preparation, and of course full nanoLC-MS/MS analysis and data reporting.  Bioinformatics is supported by MaxQuant and Mass Spec Studio. Specify the choice work-up procedure: analysis can be done using a standard In-Gel digestion, or go for the In-Solution sample preparation method!  Contact us for consultation first.

Price: $250 per sample (gel approach)

Price: $400 per sample (solution approach)


Proteome analysis by 2D LC-MS/MS

The most thorough approach to whole proteome profiling.  Contact us for consultation.



Phosphoproteome analysis by LC-MS/MS

Identify hundreds to thousands of phosphopeptides in your cell lysates!  The service includes a purification procedure, protein digestion and peptide enrichment, phosphopeptide extraction, followed by LC-MS/MS for phosphosite determination. The service can also be combined with the SILAC technology. Contact us for consultation on more complex requirements.

Price: $600 per sample


SAMS will provide detailed protocols to clients interested in processing their own samples, allowing them to submit “MS-ready” samples, conduct their own bioinformatics analyses, and reduce their cost. Additional bioinformatics analysis will be charged at $50 per hr. Contact us for more information.

MALDI TOF access pass

Collect your own data using our MALDI TOF/TOF. We provide the MALDI plates and the calibrants. Customers should provide the rest of the consumables (matrices, solutions, etc.).  This option is useful for non complex sample (eg synthetic peptides, simple protein digests, intact proteins from expression systems).  Clients with complex samples should use other services.  The MALDI pass is valid for 6 months and an unlimited number of samples. There is mandatory training required before using this instrument on your own. Contact us.

Price: $850 per pass